Kwangs Properties - Online Estate Agency in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Kwangs Properties is a branch of the On Nut Condos Co., Ltd registered company in Bangkok. The company has been around since before 2010 concentrating on renting and selling properties in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. Kwang was connected to the company when she lived in Bangkok but moved to Chiang Rai for a quiet life.

This presented the opportunity for her to start Kwangs Properties under the On Nut Condos umbrella.

Kwangs Properties is not a property management company and all matters after a rental contract or sale is completed are between owner/seller and buyer/ tenant. In addition Kwang does not offer legal advice but can recommend a suitable English and Thai speaking lawyer if needed, but a lawyer is rarely needed to buy a property.

Kwang and her staff can help with some issues that may arise after you are settled in Chiang Rai. Just ask.